Will governments forcibly microchips their citizens? Should we outlaw such measures before they happen?

Some, even now, will continue to think that this will never happen. (Though I think these people are far fewer than just a few years ago.) It’s actually quite surprising to me that people are so trusting of their governments. However, the current trajectory is toward such microchipping. The technology exists already and governments always want to keep track of their subjects, er…, citizens.

One of the main reasons there is the current War on Cash is because taxing authorities around the world want to be able to keep tabs on any and every transaction. Planners of other types, behavioral economists etc. would love to get their hands on the data that comes from everyday life. Who commutes and who doesn’t? When and why do people log onto the Internet? What events raise the collective blood pressure of a community? And bits of data far more intimate than these.

Chips are likely coming and we’d be wise to keep our eyes very wide indeed. They will be sold as tools of convenience but the cost is steep.

It’s not like we haven’t been warned.

(From The Review Journal)

State Sen. Becky Harris said a bill to prohibit forced microchipping of people is not as far-fetched as it might seem, because it happens in some places around the world.

Senate Bill 109 would make it a Class C felony to require someone to be implanted with a radio frequency identifier, such as microchips placed in pets.

The idea for the bill came from a constituent, the Las Vegas Republican said.

“As I began to look into the issue, I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants,” Harris told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.

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