An antidote for Obamacare: Cash only medicine with transparent pricing and no insurance — the future of medicine?

Oh we hope so.

(From AEI)

The price list above is from the website of Clinica Mi Pueblo, which is a chain of eight medical clinics in Southern California, serving primarily the Hispanic community. The Clinica Mi Pueblo clinics offer “general medicine services at the most affordable prices possible” and that claim is supported by the very affordable prices listed above. For example, the national average cost for an MRI is $2,611, but only $350 at the clinic. The median national cost of a colonoscopy is $1,626, but only $450 on the price list above. The US average “fair” cost of an ultrasound is $263, but only about half that amount at the Clinica Mi Pueblo…

…How does Clinica Mi Pueblo offer these medial services at the “most affordable prices possible”? Here’s how: the clinic operates on a cash-only basis, with transparent prices that are listed both on the clinic’s website and on the wall at each clinic. Further, the clinic accepts no insurance, and it will not submit insurance claims on patients’ behalf. If patients have insurance, they can easily take the paperwork the clinic provides and file an insurance claim on their own. Reducing the costly, time-consuming mountain of paperwork associated with insurance, Medicare and Medicaid is one of the main reasons that cash-only medical clinics can keep their costs down and prices so low and affordable. That’s the same business model that keeps surgery costs so low/affordable at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, the “free market-loving, price-displaying, state-of-the-art, AAAHC accredited, doctor owned, multi-specialty surgical facility in central OK” that has been featured on CD many times over the years.

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