Some Members of Congress Seem to Have Dozed Through Comey Hearings

As a result, two key questions were never asked.

FBI director James Comey recently testified before Congress. There were two questions that I would have liked for some member of Congress to ask:

1) You have just testified that you are breaking protocol to announce that you have been investigating the Russian role in the presidential election and also whether there were any improper communications or actions of the Trump Campaign with respect to the Russians. Who requested or ordered that investigation?

Comey would no doubt have refused to answer, but the answer would seem to have a direct bearing on President Trump’s claim that the Obama administration put him under surveillance. Comey’s testimony confirmed that he has been investigating the Trump campaign since July and at that time he was working as a member of the Obama administration. This seems to back up the president,  but does not indicate how he was investigated, whether the FBI probe included electronic surveillance as President Trump suggested, whether it was related in any way to the leak of the Flynn phone conversation from Trump Tower, and, most importantly,  who requested or ordered it. Was it Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, and if so did the request or order originate with President Obama or elsewhere? Did President Obama know about it? Anyone with any recollection of the Watergate scandal that brought down President Nixon will understand the importance of these questions. In 1972, it was deemed unpardonable for a sitting president to use surveillance on or investigate the opposing party’s presidential campaign.

2) You have just testified that your investigation of the Russian involvement in the campaign included any possible ties of the Trump campaign with Russia. Does the investigation also include whether Clinton or her campaign officials had improper communications or actions with respect to Russia?

This may sound like a foolish question to many, but readers of the book Clinton Cash will understand to what it refers. That book details cash and stock payments to Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and to Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

It seems curious that no one addressed these questions to Comey.