John McCain: “I Hope” Trump Has Been “Sucked In” By The Washington Establishment

That’s right. Let’s hope Trump is hopelessly entangled in the same crony morass that you find yourself in. Yes, let’s hope that any bit of change and challenge to the establishment is wiped clean from the Trump White House. That would be just great for America.

Now let’s go drop some bombs! Eh Mr. McCain?

(From Zerohedge)

Todd:  “I want to talk about the overall changes.  You’ve said he’s growing in office.  There are some that will say, ‘no the Washington establishment sucked him in.'”

McCain“I hope so [awkward laughter]. On national security, I do believe he has assembled a strong team and I think, very appropriately, he is listening to them.”

Probably not the type of ‘help’ that Trump wants from establishment Republicans…

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