The Socialist Starvation Diet: Olympian Declares That North Korea Is One of the Few Countries That Has Tackled Obesity

Little food, and no light to eat it by anyway in North Korea.

I suppose it’s true. If one screws up the price system enough, and if the government is oppressive enough obesity tends not to be a problem. In fact that’s exactly what happened in Ethiopia in the 1980s and to a much lesser (but still significant) extent in Maduro’s socialist Venezuela today.

It ain’t planning. (Though the cause of the unintended hunger actually is planning.)

Pay close attention to what this guy says about “behavioral change.” There are mainstream economists talking like this too and they would love to change your behavior. (For society’s sake PUT DOWN THAT BAGEL!) Cass Sunstein who was an advisor to Obama is all about this sort of coercion for example.

(From Gizmodo)

The presenters all take a moment to wait for the punchline or something and then kind of politely agree before realizing that he’s serious. Cracknell insists that these dictatorial regimes influence “behavioral change.”

“Yeah, but people are starving in North Korea, aren’t they. They’re not obese because they haven’t got any food,” another presenter chimes in, trying to inject some sanity into the conversation.

“Exactly,” Cracknell says, responding with what should have been the end of it before continuing on. “Well, there’s sanctions and everything else, but, well, the example is that it’s behavioral change.”

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