Tucker Carlson takes over the 8 PM slot on FOX from O’Reilly (New blood, smaller government blood)


Generally, and grading for FOX News, not a bad choice. Carlson is fresh. He understands basic supply and demand economics. He’s smoked a joint or two in his past. He probably won’t call for nationalizing oil wells like O’Reilly did years ago. On the whole, a pretty solid net positive for evening news.

O’Reilly was always way too big government for me.

(From The New York Times)

For Fox News, there is one big question: What does life after Bill O’Reilly look like?

The abrupt and once-unthinkable defenestration of Mr. O’Reilly on Wednesday leaves Fox News without the top-rated host in cable news — and with a potentially far-reaching shake-up in the channel’s vaunted evening lineup.

Tucker Carlson, a conservative provocateur who joined Fox News’s prime-time ranks only three months ago, has been tapped to replace Mr. O’Reilly at 8 p.m. Eastern, beginning on Monday, the network said. Mr. Carlson has become, seemingly overnight, one of the network’s most vital players, a remarkable turnaround for a pundit whose bow-tied heyday had seemed behind him.

Fox News’s afternoon ensemble show, “The Five,” which features a chatty round table of hosts, will take over Mr. Carlson’s 9 p.m. slot.

If the exit of Mr. O’Reilly were not enough to rattle the executive suites at Fox News, the network must now navigate a drastic on-air overhaul at a rare moment when the channel is facing a challenge from its rivals.

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