What is likely the REAL deal with Russia, Trump, Hillary, the election, and a desperate Democratic Party

We’ll see how this plays out. My bet is that it won’t the way many Dems and allies hope. Of course one can ALWAYS be wrong.

I have no doubt that Russia doesn’t like Clinton. Almost everyone knows this. Clinton wanted to prop up the Ukraine and to demonize Russia for reacquiring (invading) The Crimea. (After a vote by the people of The Crimea to rejoin Russia. Crimea only became part of The Ukraine during the Khrushchev years. Which is to say quite recently. The Crimea is also home to Russia’s Black Sea fleet, of strategic importance to Moscow to say the least.) The neocons see Russia as a foil for policy (particularly as the “War on Terror” wanes) and Clinton is/was a neoconservative in terms of foreign policy.

Also, and perhaps most importantly the Ukraine sought to join the EU and to fall under Germany’s sphere of influence instead of Russia’s. (A reasonable goal for Kiev.) Clinton was/is a George Soros ally, who is also a key part of the Berlin-centric European Union experiment. Soros and Putin do not like each other and that goes back decades.

Putin does not like Hillary, the expansion of the German dominated European Union, (Russia lost 30 MILLION people to the Germans in World War II, and has been invaded from the west multiple times its history.) or the Soros/Davos banker world globalization crowd. As such there’s a good chance he sought to influence our election away from Clinton. (To the degree he could – which is not much.)

But this is standard stuff. Countries always seek to influence elections in other countries whether they say so or not. We’ve influenced the last 2 presidential elections in France. Obama and company sought to undermine Bibi in Israel.  We bugged Merkel’s phone for years for crying out loud and Teddy Kennedy even tried to get the SOVIET UNION to undermine the presidential election in 1984. And that’s just for starters.

So did Russia want to see Hills lose? Probably. Did they actively work (again to the limited degree they could) against Hillary? Probably.

Was there some kind of mass conspiracy to partner with Donald Trump? (Who would do that? Almost everyone thought Trump would lose.) I doubt it very seriously. Would it help the Democrats deal with a deeply stinging defeat, a defeat that not only kept Clinton out of office but was an obvious rejection of everything Obama was if a Russia interference narrative gained some currency? Yes, you better believe it.

The Democrats NEED to believe, because they may end up losing Senate seats in 2018 and then the excrement gets REAL for a marginalized party that looks right now to be barely a national party – and perhaps isn’t. They have to throw every firebomb they can because the American people across the USA (particularly at the state level) have rejected the party since 2010. They’ve GOT to turn things around because it is an existential struggle at this point.

Most folks don’t realize how precarious the Democratic situation is right now. But consider that the Dem leader de jour in Maxine Waters. Consider that.

Of course we’re in bizarro world. The Dems have California, the Northeast, and the media. It’s crunch time. Russia! Russia! Russia!

It is entirely possible that I could be wrong. If I am, if there is collusion between Putin and Trump, I will come out and say that I was wrong in this place. I have no problem doing this. Putin is a super crony capitalist.

After all weirder things have happened. Like Donald Trump becoming president of the United States.