“Chaos” at the White House? – Forget “The Art of the Deal”, Trump should read “The Art of War”

It is true that much of the “deep state” wants Trump gone. It wanted Hillary Clinton and assumed that Hillary Clinton would win. When that didn’t happen, wheels – it appears – went quickly into motion. Add an #oldmedia that was a clear Clinton ally during the election, feels like it has something to prove as a result, and is basically a wing of the Democratic Party anyway working actively with the deep state and one can see the challenges facing the Trump White House.

Basically where Obama got every possible break from the press, Trump has the exact opposite situation to deal with.

For sure Trump brought a lot of this on himself. The guy who wrote a book on the “art of the deal” doesn’t seem to have read “The Art of War.” If he had he would know that an all out frontal assault on the #oldmedia and the career bureaucrats would be very costly. Laying siege to a city (or in his case the press and bureaucrats) is not the best way to fight. Fighting must be more subtle sometimes. Sometimes one must even retreat from battle to win the war.

Right now there is chaos on the battlefield all over and on all sides. Time to assess. To consolidate. To pull back a bit if need be for a while and to wait for the weather or battlefield to change. (While sharpening weapons and instituting renewed discipline.)

Trump would be wise to pick up a copy of Sun Tzu’s masterpiece.


(From The Hill)

The behind-the-scenes stories that gripped Washington on Thursday were relayed to the press in the publications and news outlets Trump loves to hate — the New York Times and Washington Post.

In the stories, Trump’s decision to fire Comey was described as the result of “festering anger” at the FBI director for failing to prioritize leaks coming out of the bureau over the investigation into allegations Trump campaign officials colluded with the Russians during the election.

Trump was “stewing” at Comey for weeks, even as some close to him, including chief strategist Stephen Bannon, reportedly advised that the time was not right to fire Comey.

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