Charles Koch: Trump’s policies must not benefit only big businesses like mine

Charles Koch is a guy who gets a bad rap. Largely because Harry Reid a while back decided he needed something or someone to demonize.

I enjoyed Koch’s last book. And on the issue of crony capitalism (and many others) he’s very good. Yes, I am talking about Charles Koch of Koch Industries.

Koch recognizes that much of the system is skewed to benefit businesses like his. However, since Koch Industries is a private company he can say things like “government shouldn’t be rigged for big companies like my own.” (My specific words.) This is much harder to do with a company owned by shareholders.

(From The Washington Post)

Comprehensive tax reform is long overdue. Americans deserve much, much better. The president’s newly offered plan to reduce rates and simplify the code is a step in the right direction. I am also encouraged by the absence of Congress’ proposed border adjustment tax (or any tax) that would increase the profits of industrial companies such as Koch by raising the price on goods that Americans rely on every day.

This administration should instead make room for tax cuts by encouraging Congress to rein in wasteful spending and reduce corporate welfare provisions that benefit big business at the expense of families. A tax code that champions Main Street is vital for economic growth and innovation. On these issues, the president is well-positioned to lead.

The health-care debate has been a mess, but I’m hopeful the president can get it on track. Let’s start by laying the foundation for innovation; this will reduce costs and improve quality for everyone. This can’t happen without new legislation, but there are actions the administration can take in the meantime, such as reforming the Food and Drug Administration and granting discretion to states to innovate within the constructs of Obamacare and Medicaid. While not perfect, such actions can move us closer to a system where all individuals can choose the affordable care that is best for them.

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