DNC Chairman Claims ‘No Human Being Is Illegal’ (The racial division doubledown from the Dems)


OK, OK, we are generally pro-immigration here. And though no “person” can be illegal per se, one can do things that are illegal and as such the rule of law exists to address these issues. We do have a country, with borders correct? This is something that most people, even many libertarians think is a legitimate role for government, correct?

What we see here is the real (electoral) reason there is the effort to keep borders as open as possible. The Dems see a path to a “permanent majority.” They think, and I think they will be wrong ultimately, that the statist traditions of the South (think crony Mexico and Latin America generally) will flow north. The Dems want to overwhelm the current system, like they have in California, with illegal immigrants. And they are concerned that what appeared to be a fait accompli before Trump might be in danger now.

The Dems shout racism. But what this is really about is keeping the Democratic Party in power where they still cling to power (Cali, and cities). Once power bases can be established systems of patronage (think Mexico, Latin America, many American cities) can be entrenched and government expanded.

It’s ugly politics, but this is reality.

Remember Perez was Obama’s choice for DNC chair and he won despite ardent opposition from the Bernie folks.

It looks like the Dem establishment is doubling down on racial division. (Or at least trying to) Very very Obama.

(From The Daily Caller)

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez spoke at an immigrant and workers rally outside of the White House Monday…

…“Our most important power is not the mister in the White House, I can’t even mention his name, the power is with all of you,” Perez said, before extolling the power of big labor, which was present at the march in solidarity. “No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity,” Perez continued, as he switched between English and Spanish for the crowd.

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*For the record I speak Spanish and love many things about Latin America. Just not Latin American politics. I know that many Latin American-Americans agree with me on this.