Georgetown Professor: The true “constitutional crisis” is the concerted effort to “resist” or undermine the “norm” of a peaceful transfer of power after election.

The professor nails it. The Dems and the media are playing a very dangerous game right now. Many honestly believe that they are “resisting” Trump when they are basically doing the bidding of the political class. You aren’t “resisting” anything. You are aiding and abetting the big shots. (Of course some know this. But others, probably most, just don’t. They still consider CNN to be a legitimate news source at this point. They just don’t know. And it is key for those who want Trump’s head that these people continue to not know.)

You want to fight fascism, you’re against crony capitalism? Great join us in the fight to separate business and government. Don’t carry the water for the party of Obama and Clinton 2 uber crony capitalists. That’s how you break the bad guys. You cut off access to taxpayer money. THAT is how one RESISTS.

Is Trump an ass? Probably. Does that mean that he should be removed from the presidency because he’s an ass and some people just loathe that he defeated Hillary Clinton? No.

But Russia!

Indeed. What about Russia? If there’s something there then there’s a problem. But over and over there doesn’t seem to be any there there. The push by the Dems and most of the media is undermining the country and our democratic process (yeah I know) at this point. And that is a GIANT problem.

Deal. You lost. You don’t get to burn down the American house just because you’re pissed. Sorry.

(And consider that Trump has serious crony tendencies that we have covered and want to cover even more. But the media/Washington DC establishment thing has gotten out of hand and that is the ugliest form of cronyism we see at the moment.

Of course that can change hourly.)