How Crony-Capitalism Is Killing Mom & Pop Gas Stations And Making Big Ones Rich

It’s always easier for government regulators to work with big business. Big business can afford new regs and often manipulates regulation for its own benefit.

Small business owners are a pain in the posterior for government however. Small business can’t afford the lawyers and consultants and the new machines and techniques mandated by some GS 14 in Washington DC. They can’t afford lobbyists either. Small business owners are always “complaining” about losing their businesses to the regulatory crush.

Exxon on the other hand is much easier to work with.

(From RedState)

In 2010, Rodney Hailey’s neighbors grew suspicious. In the past year, he had amassed “a baby blue Rolls-Royce, a white Maserati, a black Bentley and two Ferraris,” according to a Washington Post report.

The gossip in the suburban Baltimore neighborhood where he lived was that Hailey, then 33, might have been involved in the drug trade. But the truth, revealed when he was prosecuted and sentenced to 12 years in prison, was much more colorful.

Hailey, working out of his garage, had sold $9 million in fake biofuels credits the EPA requires oil refiners and others to purchase, part of an effort to subsidize the renewable energy industry.

At the time, the brazen fraud was an early warning side of the dangerous market distortions that had been created by the Renewable Fuel Standard, a national quota system for ethanol and other biofuels first enacted in 2005 and expanded in 2007.

Fraud, of course, has exploded. The EPA, experts say, is in way over its head in trying to implement a market at this scale.

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