John Podesta Unloads on Trump (The ‘superlobbyist’ still hasn’t come to terms)


John might be a bit angry. See as chief of staff under an embattled Bill Clinton, a senior advisor to Obama, and set to be chief in a Hillary White House Podesta had a lot to lose in the past election. Now instead of the greatest “liberal” lobbyist and wonk of the 21st Century he’ll be the guy people remember as having run the failed 2016 Clinton campaign.

Oh and those emails. There are those.

(From Politico)

His scathing comments about a presidency in crisis—and the Republicans who “enable” Trump—came in an exclusive new interview for The Global Politico about Clinton’s shocking election defeat and the still-unfolding investigations swirling around Russia’s role in it. The wide-ranging conversation covered everything from infighting on last year’s Clinton campaign (“if those 70,000 votes had gone differently in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, … we would have all been geniuses”) to Watergate comparisons (unlike Trump, “Nixon, for all his flaws… was a serious person”) to why Clinton lost and whether her new PAC means she’s running for president again (“quite frankly, she’s done with that”).

But most of the hour-long interview consisted of Podesta’s most extensive comments yet on the last two dramatic weeks in Washington that began with Trump’s firing of Comey and ended with Trump departing for his first foreign trip even as a special counsel, former FBI director Robert Mueller, was named to oversee the widening probe.

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