Obama can’t help but pop off when he hangs out with Merkel : Please Mr. former Pres., you’ve really done enough already, let America recover from your presidency

Obama is a failed president in most respects. Though I will grant that he is a re-elected failed president which makes his case all the more odd. His one “accomplishment” was Obamacare which has proven a failure and is currently imploding.

He lost the House. He lost the Senate. He blew up Libya. He helped spark the unrest in Syria. His IRS persecuted those who called for the rule of law. The economy sputtered and sputtered more. And, perhaps most tragically he set race relations back in this country.

Before it felt like black folks and white folks were headed in similar more or less upward trajectory. Animosities of old were slowly being left behind.

Mr. Obama revived them. (And of course I know the argument. That Obama just exposed latent racism etc. This analysis is fundamentally wrong and it is a narrative pushed by those who subscribe to the “grievance theory” of American politics.) Mr. Obama used race as a wedge issue and sought to marginalize the “clingers” (now called “deplorables”) he so obviously disdains. He did this country a profound disservice.

And I have to say, despite what we often hear from the nodding heads in New York and Washington DC things since Obama’s exit have felt better on the racial front. The grievance folks know that America is fed up with their antics and that they will have a harder time finding “safe spaces” going forward. Trump did not herald this fed up disposition. But he certainly highlighted what was already coming on the cultural front.

In so many ways Obama is a tragic figure. A failure in the face of an establishment that wanted him so to succeed. Remember the people who wanted Obama to be the next coming of FDR in 2008?  The media helped get him elected. The media protected him throughout his presidency. The bureaucrats in DC knew they were safe with a son of the Chicago Democratic legal graft machine at the helm. The whole system, tossed softballs at him his entire presidency.

Yet, even still, the sports fanboy struck out, over and over and over. (The fanboys never seem to be any good at sports. What’s up with that?)

And now Obama wants to pop off about how borders should be wide open with Ms. Merkel?

Look I am very much for immigration. I have said so many times in this space. My name is Sorrentino. But I know Obama’s theory of immigration. I once heard it articulated to me years ago by a super lefty Catholic priest who talked about the desire of some of his ilk to see the Third World – which has much higher birth rates than the West – overwhelm the West its tradition and culture. This was good of course because it was payback for colonialism etc etc.

As I listen to post-president Obama I hear the old priest’s words echo through the former president’s. Maybe Dinesh D’Souza was correct. Maybe Obama is a postmodern, anti-Western, anti-colonialist driven by resentment.

It makes sense given his background – and I am not talking about his father but about his extreme Left upbringing in Hawaii. No doubt, as a red diaper baby he heard the same drivel I heard from the priest all the time. Lord knows he heard it at Harvard and in Chicago.

Mr. former President do us all a favor. Keep the popping off to yourself. This country suffered – and we did suffer – through your presidency which was defined by statism, crony capitalism, self aggrandizement, in many respects racism, and fundamentally failure. There was a feeling that you didn’t have the best interests of the country in mind when you were in the White House. (That isn’t to say that the guy didn’t have fans. Of course he did and does. But I think even most of his fans didn’t really think that Obama was concerned with AMERICA primarily.) We’ve seen plenty of you over the past decade. Why don’t you go back to kite “surfing” with Richard Branson and let us clean up your mess.


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