“Obama isn’t running for office again, but his sellout sends even uglier signals to the electorate.” – Huffpo

What are the odds Obama gets a Goldman Sachs gig like Tony Blair did?

(From IBD)

If Penguin Random House loses its shirt on those Obama’s books, that’s their problem. And if Cantor Fitzgerald thinks handing over $400,000 for having Obama on stage is a good investment — which is hard to fathom — that’s their decision.

Even so, it’s hard to choke down Obama’s newfound riches when taxpayers will be forking over $200,000 a year for his presidential pension — plus God knows how much for travel allowances, health care coverage, and other perks.

Plus, he’s cashing in after presiding over eight years of lackluster economic growth and reckless spending that left wages stagnant, pushed millions into poverty and on food stamps, and added trillions of dollars to the federal debt.

Worse still, Obama has spent a lifetime self-righteously sneering at those who made their wealth by producing actual products and services that people want and need.

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