Paul Ryan fails again? Democrats celebrate expansion of spending/cronyism in budget deal

Of course they don’t use the word “cronyism” or the term “crony capitalism.” But that’s what the $5 billion in additional spending is all about – cronyism. 

Included in the deal struck with Trump is increased taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (How such a thing could be funded by taxpayers at all is beyond me, but with a GOP Senate, House, and Presidency?) and a semi-bailout for profligate and utterly dysfunctional Puerto Rico. This is for starters.

One has to wonder what Paul Ryan was thinking. Actually we have a sense, and that is he’d much rather hang out with the big government people, make sure taxpayers fund abortions and bailout government employees, than stand with the Freedom Caucus and whip up support from “moderate” Republicans.

Ryan ain’t no conservative and the same can be said for many Republicans in the Senate.

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