Per Capita Taxes Have More Than Doubled Since JFK

(From CNSNews)

Real federal taxes per capita have more than doubled since John F. Kennedy served as president — and argued for lower taxes.

In 1961, the fiscal year Kennedy was elected, the federal government collected about $94.388 billion in taxes, according to the Office of Management and Budget. The population that year was about 183,691,481, according to the Census Bureau. That meant federal tax revenues equaled about $514 per capita — or $4,121 in 2016 dollars…

…The federal tax burden is greater per worker, of course, than it is per capita. Back in 1965, federal tax revenues equaled about $12,524 (in 2016 dollars) for each of the approximately 71,025,000 who had a job that June. In 2016, the $3,267,961,000,000 the federal government collected in taxes equaled approximately $21,629 for each of the approximately 151,090,000 who had a job in June.

Is $21,629 too little — or too much — for the federal government to collect in taxes per each working person in this nation?

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