Rand Paul slams Jeff Sessions’ new drug sentencing policy as an “injustice” to minority communities

I’d say an injustice for all communities. But point made Senator Paul. Point made.

(From Rare)

Sen. Rand Paul has been one of the leading voices for criminal justice reform throughout his entire senate career, particularly of eliminating what he sees as draconian mandatory minimum sentencing laws. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it public on Friday that he would direct federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for non-violent drug offenders, the announcement drew a quick rebuke from Sen. Paul.

“Mandatory minimum sentences have unfairly and disproportionately incarcerated too many minorities for too long,” said Sen. Paul in a statement. “Attorney General Sessions’ new policy will accentuate that injustice.

Paul added, “Instead, we should treat our nation’s drug epidemic as a health crisis and less as a ‘lock ‘em up and throw away the key’ problem.”

Exactly correct.

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