Republican Lawmaker Risking Felony Charge To Get Sick People Medical Marijuana

(From The Libertarian Republic)

Georgia Rep. Allen Peake is the leader of a statewide distribution network that sidesteps the law to get medical marijuana to residents who need it. Georgia has a medical marijuana program, which Peake helped expand in 2015, allowing registered patients to posses cannabis oil with low levels of THC. The law bars anyone from growing, purchasing or importing marijuana from another state, reports AZ Family.

Peake, a pro-life Christian, said he is motivated by the contradictory status of the law, which prevents registered medical marijuana patients from actually accessing the substance.

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to be able to help get product to these families, these citizens who have debilitating illnesses,” Peake told AZ Family. “While we have a law that allows you to legally possess it, we don’t have a law that gives you the ability to be able to access it. We now have, for all practical purposes, a distribution network, where we will funnel this product to families who are properly registered with the state and have the legal right to possess up to twenty ounces.”

Pot is inexpensive. It can be highly effective for various ailments. Now why would anyone want to restrict relief for suffering patients? Good on ya’ Representative Peake.

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