Sen. Rand Paul: Senate has chance to fix ObamaCare after the House didn’t

(From Fox News)

There were many areas of reform considered – repealing regulations, cutting taxes, and introducing free market reforms into the system. The bill so far falls short on two of the three (it cuts taxes). But most importantly it falls short on free market reforms to lower prices and provide better, less expensive health care to millions of Americans.

The people who wrote the bill don’t really think they’ve solved the problem, either.  Strong evidence for that is the House bill’s creation of a massive federal program to pay insurance companies to continue coverage for those who develop a “pre-existing” condition, aka become seriously ill without insurance.

By creating this $140 billion federal entitlement to perpetually fund a high-risk pool, the House acknowledges that the brokenness of our health insurance system will continue, and they have offered no other solution than a federal bailout to insurance companies and states.

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