Why a Congress that’s protesting wasteful spending wants $77 million more for itself

Everyone wants something.

$77 million for Capitol Hill police and the Library of Congress is a relative pittance but it is the principle that matters. If this Congress is actually “conservative” (sic) spending should go down for pretty much everything. (Including the bloated military by the way.)

But we know that the “conservatives” in Congress don’t agree with the actual shrinking of government. We’ve learned that. But they do like to talk about it.

(From The Charlotte Observer)

The plan, due for a vote in the House of Representatives as soon as Wednesday, would give the legislative branch 1 percent more for the rest of fiscal 2017. The overall budget bill, which funds much of the government through Sept. 30, increases all spending by half of 1 percent.

The legislative branch would get an additional $77 million.

Democrats and Republican leaders are touting the overall budget plan as a worthwhile compromise. Not everyone agreed.

“It’s a bad deal,” said Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank.

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