Why Trump’s government shutdown threat is a very good sign

If ONLY we could have a real government shutdown. How much do you want to bet that the memorials on The Mall remain open this time. (Unlike the shutdown under Obama.)

(From CNBC)

The political class and the usual suspect pundits have turned shutdowns and the threat of shutdowns into some form of mythical political suicide. But a shutdown is likely the only way for the Trump team to shake the leaders of both parties in Congress out of their perpetual spending frenzy. It’s worked before and it very well could work again. All we needed was someone to have the courage to carry out at least a shutdown threat and trigger one if necessary.

President Trump outlined the reasons why he might need a shutdown in a few tweets when he referenced the sub-60 vote reality in the Senate for the Republican Party. Knowing this, the Democrats in the Senate and the House have a real incentive to demand no cuts to the spending agenda and regime they crafted during the Obama years. And with the stopgap spending bill the Congressional Republicans just sheepishly agreed to this past weekend as proof, we know the GOP simply caved to those Democrat demands.

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