American Left shows a very ugly side on Twitter in wake of shooting

“He beat Hillary and said the word “p—-y.” Oh the horror! It’s not fair! Off with his head!

I am very disappointed in many of my fellow Americans this afternoon. Too many have bought the propaganda coming from Dem dominated media and from Democrat leadership for too long.

And I do blame leadership in the Dem Party (not Democrats) who have taken leave of reality for political purposes and in so doing have created the current political climate. They sensed (correctly) that Trump was coming for them so they decided to light the joint on fire before Trump could get to them. To justify their political arson they started (sometime this past winter) to believe their own narrative conjurings. Even worse many people who only get bits and pieces of the situation from the likes of Stephen Colbert or MSNBC have fallen in line, classic useful idiot style. Now the useful idiots have taken to attempted assassination.

For months the old media have fanned the flames of hatred to make sure the burn job took hold.

Well congrats. You may have set the place on fire.

I have never seen much hate from the Trump people. Seriously. Despite the unhinged accusations coming out of the “progressive” echo chambers in New York and DC I haven’t see much at all. And I have watched for this sort of thing like a hawk.  To be sure there must be some as all humans can on occasion appeal to their worst angels. But I have seen just deep down ugly venom from Trump’s opponents. I have seen unbridled hatred. Acidic ugliness based on innuendo and the fact that they don’t like Trump’s style. (And let’s be honest, who he is.) It is almost as if the anger of having lost the election infected the hearts of Trump’s opponents and then spread to their brains. Now a black bile drips from their ears.

Thing is there’s nothing to bitch about. Russia (it certainly appears) didn’t steal any elections. Trump isn’t Hitler. If you think he in any way resembles Hitler you should consider talking to someone on a professional level. Sorry.

Trump might be an ass. He might be an asshole. But he ain’t Hitler or anything like Hitler.

But he offended the sensibilities of feminists. Oh no! Hang him.

Sorry, you don’t get to do that. Beat him in the next election. That is the civilized thing to do.

But some people can’t handle losing. They have no interest in being civilized. They refuse do the right thing. They can’t gather themselves and act like adults knowing that another election is in 2 years. No, like entitled children they rage at the sky, stamp their feet and scream, NO!!!!!!!!

Children do this. Lots of “children” on Twitter.

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