Elon Musk, Et Al.: The Corporate Arm Of The Deep-State


The interests of a relatively small group of very powerful people define the direction of our government. This has always been the case to a greater or lesser extent. As it is often said it is the rich and powerful (often the crony rich) who get us into wars. It is the poor and middle class who fight these wars and who die and are maimed. Very few of the rich know the shriek of an artillery shell.  But many of the poor do. Too many.

It has been this way for eons of course. However the ongoing information revolution has enabled the “unwashed” to empower themselves politically.

The interests of the unwashed are not those of the crony establishment. As such everyday people have begun, to a degree, to revolt. That “the people” are bucking the powers that be annoys the powers that be.

What morons the unwashed are. How deplorable their thoughts and words. They should just shut up and know their places. (Which is in Indiana or Ohio or something.) How dare they challenge the establishment in a serious way. Don’t these deplorables know that we are their BETTERS?!

Anyway Elon Musk has become a billionaire on the backs of the great unwashed while catering to the powers that be. It’s actually a very interesting crony case study. 

(From TownHall)

The corporate element of this government-within-government superstructure (yes, the conservative Burnham had a Trotskyite beginning) has special access by virtue of its obscene wealth. Think the liver-spotted George Soros, who moves to overthrow governments in “lesser” countries. Think Apple’s Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Brad Smith, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Uber’s Travis Kalanick, or Google’s Sundar Pichai. They all sprang into action against Trump’s secession from the Paris Climate Accord.

Candidate Trump got considerable support for his promise to secede from or renegotiate this or the other agreement between the U.S. government and various supranational systems. Successive U.S. governments have ceded the rights and sovereignty of Americans to these supra-state systems.

Deplorables voted for more, not less, sovereignty. But bien-pensant Elon Musk of the Tesla and SpaceX fame is having none of this sovereignty stuff.

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