EPA head met with multiple energy execs in his first weeks

(From The Hill)

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) often met with executives of fossil fuel and energy companies in his first weeks in office.

The EPA released Scott Pruitt’s first calendars under the Freedom of Information Act late Thursday, initially to E&E News.

In the time period covered — Feb. 21 to March 31 — Pruitt had meetings, phone calls and speeches with leaders in oil, natural gas, coal, the automotive industry, utilities, agriculture and others who would benefit from the Trump administration’s aggressive deregulatory agenda.

It should be noted that many companies met with Obama and Company that benefited from Obama’s aggressive (and fundamentally crony – regs are almost always crony in one way or another) regulatory agenda. And let’s not forget, the EPA was way out of line (reasonably speaking) during the Obama years. So it makes sense that there is now some reversion to the mean of sanity.

Saying this I never like it when CEOs are meeting with government people in almost any capacity.

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