ESPN says that you and your racism is the reason their ratings have crashed, and they (and Disney) don’t care about your viewership anyway- so stuff it

Might as well check out on ESPN all together. (Why spend money or time on bread and circus “news” anyway?) You see, you, the viewer who wants to hear about sports and not be harangued with social justice PSAs all day are not wanted at ESPN anyway. So what if they lose money, and viewers? It’s you the viewers who are the problem. You aren’t hip, young or “diverse” enough. Screw sports being a place where people of different economic and social backgrounds can come together to talk about stuff of common interest but of no real import. No, now we must raise our sports consciousnesses and embrace the politically correct narrative or we are just not cool man.

Have fun with no viewers…man.

By the way ESPN is deeply crony, getting millions of dollars from taxpayers. Perhaps it’s time to turn that spigot off.


(From The New York Daily News)

And by that definition, it makes sense why ESPN’s critics feel the network has changed. ESPN became a cultural phenomenon because of “SportsCenter.” Black people had Stuart Scott, women had Linda Cohn, and white men had everybody else that sat at the anchor desk.

But times changed. Diversity and inclusion are the focus now, and “SportsCenter” lost its luster. We don’t need a daily show at 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. to show us highlights and tell us who won, and who lost. Social media and our ESPN apps, ironically, instantly do that for us now.

So, it’s not so much that ESPN is “too liberal” or has become “political,” it’s that the network decided to evolve, while some viewers didn’t.

Yeah, evolve you tools. You guys are so lame. Now watch our shows and like it.

And America says, “Nope.”

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