Hey New York Times, let’s get something straight, Obama had the “Lawless Presidency”

As we’ve said here many times we have plenty of problems with Mr. Trump. But Trump’s critique of the old media, legacy media, whatever, is pretty spot on. The media helped Obama get elected, protected Obama during his presidency, (A pretty good case could have been made for Obama’s impeachment.) and went whole hog in for Hillary Clinton. Of course The New York Times and CNN are pissed. THEY LOST.

Just take a look at the most recent and utterly empty article in today’s Times entitled “The Lawless Presidency.” It’s nothing. It has no news in it. It asserts things which are just flat out wrong. It’s a waste of ink and smells of propaganda.

Read it for yourself.

Let’s be clear, every president deserves close if not hyper-scrutiny. Trump has some crony tendencies which we are watching closely, but he is nothing compared to the machine that rolled through the White House over the last 8 years. I know. I saw it. Most Americans not in the “corporate Left” who were paying attention saw it. Obama wanted to rule by decree but was stopped by the sheer will of the American people. And even then he tried to circumvent the rule of law instead of accepting that the country didn’t agree with him. Obama did things that would have made Nixon blush. But because Obama was a mouthpiece for a certain worldview and group of interests his reckless disregard for the Constitution, indeed for America itself was accepted and even championed by the likes of CNN and The New York Times.

Consider this headline from the Times in August of 2013,

Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal

And the New York Times works itself into a lather over TRUMP? Please.

It’s basically a war at this point. Globalism versus sovereignty. The old establishment in the media and in the bureaucracy versus the people. It’s odd that the lines have been drawn around Trump. It’s pretty amazing actually that this guy who the old media and the establishment dismissed as having no chance has reduced the establishment to convulsing in rage fits. It’s amazing that Trump beat them. I mean he beat their arses. And the old guard just can’t have that. It hurts too much. Some would rather undermine this country than accept that Trump is the president of the United States.

This group doesn’t give a shit about the country anyway. They care about New York, DC, San Francisco and Hollywood. The rest of the country is filler. Seriously that is how they feel. 

But who knows? Maybe Comey will come out on Thursday and confirm every trope coming from the old media and the bureaucracy. Maybe Trump and Putin colluded. Maybe there is a Russian subversion plot to be exposed. Maybe the people who cling to the old political world dominated by people like George Soros and Co. will be proven right. If so, then Trump deserves to be hammered. But there is a reason why Trump is not asserting executive privilege and is allowing Comey to testify. (He doesn’t have to.)

Trump has issues. He can be ham handed. But the guy is not dumb. He is actually learning on the job it seems to me. (Unlike what we saw during the Obama and Bush administrations.) I haven’t seen him embrace racism. I haven’t seen him do anything radical. I haven’t seen him flaunt the rule of law. I haven’t seen him sick the IRS dogs on the organizations that don’t agree with him. I did however see Obama do all of these things as we document below.

The media wants to remove a sitting president because that president has called them out and exposed their obvious political bias. As such this exposes other powerful interests in government and in the “corporate Left” who collude with the old media. Republican presidents before have been afraid to do this because the media world was so tightly controlled in New York and in DC. If they really angered the media, if they really said what the deal was with the media, Tom Brokaw might call for their impeachment and all the people who really believed that the NBC Nightly News was legit (it wasn’t that long ago) might just agree with ole’ Tom. But now there is more information. There are media sources that hold the old media sources to account and that drives the old media NUTS.

If the old media can take down Trump it is thought, then maybe the old media can re-establish itself in the face of the Internet Information Revolution. Maybe it can get journalists licensed like Diane Feinstein called for or maybe the FCC can institute political correctness commissars in newsrooms as the Obama administration tried to do. (Seriously.) If they can can take Trump down they will override the will of the “deplorables” and the will of New York, DC, and Hollywood can again reign. If the media doesn’t they know that the deplorables are ready to take NBC, CBS, The Times, and fellow travelers to the woodshed. And that would be doubly humiliating for the old media.

We at ACC want to examine the cronyism that may emerge and to some degree has emerged in the Trump administration already. And we have examined it. But the unrelenting attacks by the establishment propagandists necessitates the odd response like this one.

So OK New York Times, you want to talk about a “lawless presidency” here’s the lawless Obama presidency on full display and fully documented. We were lucky Obama didn’t screw up this country any worse than he did.

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