John Bonifield, CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “Mostly bulls–t right now,” President Trump is Right About Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

Sometimes Project Veritas is just a tad too smug for me. But they often do excellent work. Sometimes they hit. Sometimes they miss. This video is a base hit and doesn’t appear to be overly edited. Though some of the questions are a bit leading. Judge for yourself.

If Russia is a ratings winner for CNN, if what appears to be flat out “fake news” is a ratings winner, we shouldn’t be surprised (sadly) that CNN is pushing it. But as consumers of the media we need to be more savvy. CNN, MSNBC, FOX all have agendas. The question is the degree to which CNN (and others) is willing to lie, indeed to hurt the country, in the name of ratings and power, to push its agenda?

It appears that CNN is willing to go pretty darn far.

Hope it was worth it CNN.