(One to timestamp) Yellen: Banks ‘very much stronger’; another financial crisis not likely ‘in our lifetime’

Given both Yellen’s and Bernanke’s record (totally missing the coming 2008 Crash and to the end saying everything was OK), her saying this right now is actually scary.

(From CNBC)

Banks last week passed the first round of the Fed’s stress tests to see how they would perform under adverse conditions like a 10 percent unemployment rate and turbulence in commercial real estate and corporate debt.

“I think the public can see the capital positions of the major banks are very much stronger this year,” Yellen said. “All of the firms passed the quantitative parts of the stress tests.”

She also made a bold prediction: that another financial crisis the likes of the one that exploded in 2008 was not likely “in our lifetime.” The crisis, which erupted in September 2008 with the implosion of Lehman Brothers but had been stewing for years, would have been “worse than the Great Depression” without the Fed’s intervention, Yellen said.

Oh well good. If you say so Ms. Yellen. Now we can rest easy from here to eternity.

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