Parents Continue Legal Fight To Blame Unions For Bad Teachers

I’ve known some great public school teachers. I’ve also known some really bad ones. The unions in many states reward and protect too many of the bad ones.

As an old professor of mine (who had escaped communist Yugoslavia many years before) said, teachers stopped being “professionals” in this country when they collectivized and decided instead to be “workers” with unions. Perhaps it’s time (long past time actually) that we reintroduce the concept of teachers as “professionals” again. And that doesn’t mean throwing more money at them.

(From The Daily Caller)

A group of Minnesota parents continued their fight to blame unions for bad teachers, asking an appeals court panel to to overturn a lower court’s decision to dismiss the case.

The lawsuit, originally filed in April 2016, asked the court to rule the state’s tenure and dismissal laws ruled unconstitutional, according to the Star Tribune. The four parents argued that the laws violated the state constitution’s guarantee to a “thorough and efficient” education.

Roxanne Draughn and three other parents claim that the teacher tenure and other union rules protect bad teachers which in turn widens the academic achievement gap among children. The appeal was filed Wednesday, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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