Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams pleads guilty (he took a bribe) in his federal corruption trial

Image: Phawker

Live by the crony sword. Die by it.


Williams, who saw embarrassing details about his messy personal life and financial struggles dragged out into open court during the nearly two-week trial, pleaded guilty to one count related to accepting a bribe from Bucks County businessman Mohammad Ali.

As part of the deal, Williams agreed to resign and acknowledged that he faced up to five years in prison when he is sentenced on Oct. 24.

 Despite a plea by Williams to be allowed to remain free until then, U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond ordered him held until sentencing and U.S. Marshals took the disgraced prosecutor out of court in handcuffs,

“I have a guilty plea from the highest law officer in the city that he betrayed his office and he sold his office … I am appalled by the evidence that I heard,” Diamond said before ordering Williams jailed. “I simply do not credit this defendant’s testimony. I do not believe him.”

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