Prominent Dem fundraisers realign to support Trump’s agenda

The losses for DC Democratic lobbyist class just keep coming. Now, after all we’ve gone through over the last 8 months, all the Russia, and the wailing, and the tears, reality is setting in. Lobbyists have to get paid.

Towel, thrown. (At least by many Democrats on K Street.)

Now…Let’s discuss some infrastructure spending huh? See the swamp isn’t so bad Mr. Trump. The water’s fine.

(From The Intercept)

A well-known lobbyist who runs in powerful Democratic circles, Heather Podesta, volunteered for Clinton during the New Hampshire primaries. She collected at least $407,000 for the campaign. In recent months, Podesta has tweeted from the Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, an event billed as a platform for the “Resist movement,” and has continued to give cash to congressional Democrats.

Podesta, however, whose New Years Resolution was to “Make Lobbying Great Again,” has adapted to Republican rule by rebranding her lobbying firm from “Heather Podesta + Partners” to “Invariant,” a name change to reflect“an expanding bipartisan team” with ties to the Trump administration.

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