Property taxes: Where is all that money going?

(From The Chicago Tribune)

Like most families, we live on a budget — unlike the governments to which we pay our property taxes.

Every month, more than 60 percent of our total housing payment — mortgage, interest and taxes — goes straight to property taxes. And every year, our property tax bill goes up.

Despite this, our neighbors and I constantly hear that we don’t pay enough in taxes. Local government entities increase their tax levies. There are calls for referenda. In the meantime, our roads are covered with potholes and our public pensions are underfunded.

Where is all the money going?

To a prop up a broken, bloated government.

Illinois has nearly 7,000 units of government — more than any other state…

…The village manager in my hometown will be paid $221,375 this year and is in line to receive a $33,000 pay increase next year. He also gets a $6,000 car allowance, according to the village. At least 16 other Village Hall employees make more than $100,000 in base salary.

And this is with Midwest costs of living. It isn’t California.

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