Raul Labrador: ‘Ironic’ that Democrats want to turn the US into the countries illegal immigrants are fleeing

This is a very legitimate point and a point a friend of mine, an older man who came from Argentina originally, made also to me years ago.  He and his wife were very concerned about the rise of “El Jefe” (crony) style politics. He believed that much of this rise came from the urban political machines exploiting a new immigrant population that was more familiar with Mexico or Guatemala’s system of patronage than with the US Constitution. These people knew the PRI, not Thomas Jefferson.

Interestingly a young man who was doing some work for me last year expressed a similar feeling. He had come to the US for work and opportunity (by the way his work was excellent) and was of a different economic background than my friend from la Argentina. But he too feared the rise of “El Jefe” politics in the USA. He came here to escape that stuff he explained.

Both men recognized how special the USA is. It is unique. It is exceptional. Many people find such an assertion troublingly un-PC but it is the truth. This is a special place on the face of the Earth and my friends wondered why some in the US couldn’t see that.*

(From The Washington Examiner)

To me, the most ironic thing about this whole debate is that most of the people who come to the United States illegally, they come here because they are fleeing countries where the law is not enforced and yet, some people on the other side want to turn this country into the countries that they are fleeing from,” Labrador said.

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*To be clear the USA (obviously) has PLENTY of problems. Plenty.