Strangers surprise man who walks 3 miles to work with new car

Below is a great story about how some charitable people in Texas stepped in to help a worker who had to walk three miles to work and back each day. This also reminds us of what it was like when people took care of people.

The average American worker not so long ago could afford a car. No longer. Why? Stagnant wages for decades, in part caused by rotten economic policies, in part by soaring healthcare costs that drain what might have gone to hiring or raises . Add regulations that drive the price of cars higher and higher. Cash for Clunkers that wiped out the used car market. Sky high auto loan rates. All features of our crony capitalist system. A lower middle class earner can no longer afford a car. Even a middle class person struggles to buy one.
(From Yahoo News)

When Andy Mitchell spotted a young man in a fast food uniform walking along the side of a road on a 95-degree summer day in Rockwall, Texas, he felt compelled to pull over. He rolled down his window and offered the man, a 20-year-old named Justin Korva, a ride — not knowing how much that small gesture would impact the man’s life. While driving the Korva to work at Taco Casa, Mitchell discovered the young man normally walked 3 miles to work and home again every day. Korva said he was determined to save up money and someday, he hoped, he would be able to afford a car.