Tennessee inmates threatened with solitary confinement if scabies outbreak mentioned

Prisons in the USA are not supposed to be black holes.

How the jailers thought they were going to keep this under wraps is beyond me. But solitary is a pretty significant threat. Jail’s jail.

That this was a “private” jail probably had little to do with the secrecy and alleged abuse though it is implied in the article. However, fear of shareholder reaction may have been a factor.

(From The USA Today)

The female inmates of Nashville’s privately operated jail could scratch the rashes spreading across their bodies.

But officers warned inmates they’d be put in solitary confinement if they talked about what caused the rashes they’d had for weeks or months, alleges a new federal lawsuit filed Friday.

“(CoreCivic officers) began threatening Plaintiff and other inmates that if they mentioned the word ‘scabies,’ complained about it, or filed a grievance, they would be placed in solitary confinement,” the lawsuit states.

“Inmates attempted to inform their family members about the scabies infestation over the phone and asked their families to research scabies on their behalf. Because (CoreCivic) monitors all phone calls, those inmates immediately had their phone privileges revoked, in retaliation for attempting to bring light to the epidemic.”

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