The story behind Planned Parenthood’s big, bad investment in Jon Ossoff









Planned Parenthood gets half a billion from taxpayers. (Sorry folks, whatever side of the abortion issue you are on, that is just flat out wrong.) Then it invests money into candidates that further its agenda. The abortion provider gave $20 million to Hillary Clinton in her failed campaign.

Consider that in many places it is illegal to sell raw milk, but abortion is taxpayer funded. That’s messed up.


(From The Washington Examiner)

The special election in Georgia between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff resembles that of last November in one important respect: The sizable investment lost by Planned Parenthood after backing pro-abortion Democratic candidates.

The tax-subsidized abortion corporation lost more than $30 million trying to get Hillary Clinton elected. Now it has just burned a whopping $735,000 on behalf of Jon Ossoff.

Planned Parenthood’s investment in Georgia may seem large for a congressional seat, but there is personal history between Handel and the abortion provider which may explain their “all in” support for Handel’s opponent. Back in 2012, Karen Handel was in charge of public policy at Susan G. Komen, the well-known breast cancer charity. Handel had recommended that the charity stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood and other organizations whose breast cancer prevention work was negligible.

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