Totally Unhinged : Huffington Post writer calls for the execution of Trump (This was before yesterday’s shooting and has been pulled, we found in an archive) PIC

This article has been removed by The Huffington Post or Huff Post (now that they are trying to cut out Ariana Huffington). And indeed it seems some of the writers at the site are huffing something. Check this out.

It’s insanity. It is completely divorced from reality. So this is what the rank and file are being fed? No wonder yesterday happened. These people honestly think they are part of some “resistance” instead of doing the bidding of folks like the Clintons, George Soros, Podesta and company – the cronies di crony. ¬†They honestly think they are justified in this kind of thinking because no one in Dem leadership will step up and say that it’s wrong. Pelosi, Schumer, and fellow travelers in leadership are letting the nutbars run with it.

Here with the time stamps.

Here is the full article.