Why the Democrats are making a big mistake by obsessing over Russia


The Democrats are in many respects a regional party now. The current obsession with Russia and the effort to take Trump down, at what seems almost any cost has become clinical. The Dems seem to have divorced themselves from reality and now wring their hands – gollum like – as they contemplate Trump’s downfall. It’s weird. It is bad for the country to say the least. And it isn’t good for the Dems.

Consider that Maxine Waters is now held up as a leader within the party. Consider that.

Good luck.

(From Politico)

Like Inspector Javert or, perhaps more appropriately, Wile E. Coyote, the Democrats remain fixated on getting their man, Trump, and proving wrong the voters who elected him. At first glance, the daily drip of new and shocking revelations over Russia looks like a mounting shadow over the White House, and it very well may prove to be its undoing. But the instant scandal—it seemed to start the minute Trump was declared president-elect—also threatens to further decimate the Democratic Party. And Democrats don’t seem to know it.

To those with a bit of distance from cable news—that is, every sane person in America—Democrats seem to be replaying the exact strategy that lost them the last election. What, pray tell, is the Democratic Party’s message otherwise? That they don’t like Russia, except when they did? That they believe Russia is the biggest national security threat to America, except when it wasn’t? Democrats appear to have spent about two minutes trying to figure out why the voters of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and, very nearly, Minnesota rejected them only a few months ago. And why, despite an ostensibly popular Obama presidency, they now have less political power than at any point in memory. But this is hard and painful spadework, and what’s unearthed might prove unpleasant. So why bother?

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