A New Republican Agenda Is Taking Shape—and It Means Tax Increases

The move should ALWAYS be to reduce taxes. On the poor. On the rich. On the middle class. This is a big part of the libertarian/conservative coalition. Reduce the burden of the state. Free up as much of the economy as possible.

It’s the people’s money anyway.

But many Americans don’t see things like this. They talk about people paying their “fair” share. (Who determines what is fair?) About income disparity. Fundamentally there are some who think it’s perfectly legitimate for the government to take a person’s wealth – for the sake of “society.” Apparently some of these pro-tax people are Republicans.

(From The Fiscal Times)

Unfortunately for conservatives, many voters see no positive impact in their own lives and communities from the pursuit of the Republican small-government philosophy. In large part, this is because voting for Republicans has not produced a noticeably smaller government ever. One could argue that it has at times restrained the growth of government, but that argument has much in common with the Democratic argument that reducing Medicaid spending increases over current projections in its growth amounts to massive Medicaid cuts. Both ignore that the real trend line over time increases rather than decreases.

After waiting for dividends to pay off over the decades on small-government reforms and policies, voters instead now want the government to pay off for them. Ideological arguments over the size and nature of government have become meaningless; they want to hear what politicians will do for them, in concrete terms. That’s especially true for those who feel left behind by globalization, who instinctually feel that free-trade policies are inherently unfair. They see corporations and the fabulously wealthy as winners in a zero-sum game that they are presently losing, and they want to change the equation as a form of justice.

The author has a huge point here. And this is why we are posting this article for discussion.

It is pitiful that Republicans have never ACTUALLY been able to deliver smaller government so that people can see tangibly how freedom increases the quality of life. That is a serious shame.

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