American Spectator: The Media’s Endless Anti-Trump Show Trial

(From The American Spectator)

Childishly, the Democrats and the reporters in their pocket make the daily demand that Trump unilaterally disarm. To which Trump responds sensibly: Why should I? That would just hand the Dem-media complex victory. All of its whining about his “unconventional” behavior is just another way of its saying that he is the first Republican since Reagan not to submit to their double standards. They remain shocked that a Republican President would have the audacity to fight back without two arms tied behind his back, which was the customarily feckless style of cowed Republicans for years.

One can only laugh at the staggering hypocrisy of the ruling class’s bleating. Take John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director who voted for the Soviet-controlled Gus Hall at the height of the Cold War and who served as a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood during his tenure as CIA director. The other day, Brennan, feeding into the media’s narrative of Trump as “treasonous,” declared Trump’s pro forma greeting of Putin at the G20 meeting (that it was an “honor” to meet him) unworthy of an American President. Imagine if Ronald Reagan had refused to shake the hands of the Soviet leaders. Brennan would have been the first to denounce Reagan as an enemy of “peace” and “dialogue.”

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