Another Reason Men Don’t Work: Imaginary (Video Game) World More Enjoyable Than The Real World

And virtual reality hasn’t even gotten rolling yet. May God help us.

I am a weird case. I am 41 and enjoy video games on occasion and unlike most people my age I’ve actually spent my entire life with video games. My father was computer engineer who has been a fan of video games since the 1970s. Pong, we had Pong in my house. (I think.) The point is I am not against video games generally.

But the thing is they take too much time (for me) and the time spent playing them doesn’t even accomplish anything. (This mustn’t always be the case by the way.)

But different strokes for different folks. If you love GTA I have no beef with you. But your parents and girlfriend (ha!) might.

And if you aren’t working but you are getting a government check the taxpayers probably have a problem with you.

(From Zerohedge)

President Trump, like President Obama before him, point out the low unemployment rate as a measure of success.

What they don’t point out are masses of people on welfare via fraudulent disabilities, people in school wasting money in dead-end retraining exercises, people who have simply given up looking for a job, and people in forced retirement needing Social Security payments to survive

A team of researchers from Princeton, the University of Chicago, and the University of Rochester discusses another class of individuals who are not working but are not counted as unemployed: People, primarily young men who are addicted to games. For such individuals, games provide a fantasy world that is far more enjoyable than the real world.

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