Audit the Pentagon before we increase defense spending by tens of billions

What a novel idea! Maybe we should figure out where we are wasting billions and billions of dollars before we start spending billions and billions more. I know it’s a crazy notion, but maybe we should give it a shot. I mean it’s only our money right?

(From The USA Today)

It is time to audit the Pentagon.

In 1990, Congress passed the Chief Financial Officers Act requiring every department and agency in the federal government to produce verifiable financial statements that can be fully audited. To date, each major agency has been able to complete this task except one — the Department of Defense (DOD).

This is unacceptable…

…In the last 70 years, not much has changed. In 2014, the Marine Corps announced it had successfully passed an audit, but had to retract its announcement upon further scrutiny. The Defense Business Board, an organization of private sector executives whose purpose is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the DOD, issued a report in January 2015 revealing at least $125 billion in administrative waste with a bottom line that “we are spending a lot more money than we thought.”

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