California Democrats Sue College Republicans…The Reason Is Outrageous

Cali is a one party state. Currently. And, as we see below, the party in power is increasingly employing strongman/crony style politics on a state level. (Instead of just in the typical urban bastions of corruption.)

(From Red State)

The Daily Wire is reporting that a lawsuit supported by the California Democratic Party has targeted three members of the Cal State Fullerton College Republicans. The suit is directly tied to Jerry Brown’s outrageous description of Californians complaining about a sudden $52 billion tax increase as “freeloaders”. Brown’s comments were spurred by a massive recall effort against state Senator Josh Newman, who was a key vote for the tax increase and has been identified as a “weak” link, having won his election by mere hundreds of votes.

Brown and his goons in the Democrat party have been actively harassing signature-gatherers for the recall effort, which is already breaking sign-up records. The California legislature even went so far as to recently (and secretly) change the rules for signature gathering and recall elections after all the signatures had been turned in. That case is currently being readied for court by recall supporters.

The lawsuit against Amanda McGuire, Brooke Paz, and Ryan Hoskins (as well as other recall organizers) alleges they are “misleading” voters by suggesting that recalling Newman will somehow end the gas tax.

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