#CNNBlackmail : Tracks Down And Threatens to Dox Creator of Trump Wrestling Gif (Appears to be a 15 year old kid)

So CNN is doxxing people now (or perhaps worse, threatening to)? And it calls itself a network? And it wants people to think it’s a legitimate news source?

It thinks it’s going to intimidate the people who actually know what is up at CNN? If that is the case the outlet really hasn’t learned a thing.

We don’t think Trump should have retweeted, and the guy in question might not be the nicest of folks, but CNN has jumped the whiney nurse shark big time here.

So make life hell for some everyday guy who created a meme, but share questions early with the Hillary Clinton camp during the primaries. OK got it. Class act CNN.

(From Townhall)

Over the weekend, President Trump tweeted a video showing him beating up CNN. Of course, that wasn’t the case. Someone photo shopped the CNN logo on WWE founder Vince McMahon’s face. Trump guest starred on the wrestling show and beat up McMahon in a wonderful piece of theater. CNN and the rest of the news media decided to go berserk, decrying it as violence against the press. Last time I checked, no members of the media have been hurt since Trump tweeted the video before the Fourth of July holiday. Well, the network decided to track down the creator of the video, who was a Reddit user, and they apparently threatened to dox him as well. The user “HanA**HoleSolo” has since deleted his posts and apologized for his behavior [emphasis mine]:

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