Conservative Groups Slam ‘Misguided’ Bill Allowing Sessions To Criminalize More Drugs

(From The Daily Caller)

Four conservative groups are calling for the dismissal of Republican-led law expanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ power to set criminal drug penalties, according to a letter that The Daily Caller News Foundation obtained Tuesday.

The bill, HR 2851, seeks to “stop the importation and trafficking of synthetic” drugs, dangerous alternatives to cocaine, LSD and other street drugs. Advocates of the bill argue that stricter sentencing is the most effective means of reducing drug use, but the conservative groups that signed Tuesday’s letter call for expanding treatment programs and focusing on the international drug trade.

“Harsh penalties do not deter people with substance use disorders from using drugs. People use drugs because they have a chemical dependence and often feel that they will not be caught,” the letter reads. “Believing that harsh penalties will deter drug use misunderstands addiction. Since the 1980s, we have had tough penalties for heroin use and distribution, yet heroin consumption has actually increased.”

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