How the Minimum Wage Puts People Out of Work: Do such wages chase minorities out of cities? (PICs)

There is actually a pretty good statist rebuttal to this. The rebuttal is fundamentally incorrect but from an argument perspective one could get some mileage from it. But I’ll let you guys figure out what this rebuttal might be.

But in the end a minimum wage that is set arbitrarily above the actual – real – market based minimum wage will put people out of work. It will increase gentrification of working class neighborhoods. It will chase less fortunate people out of the cities that are foolish enough to proceed with non-reality based minimum wages. These things WILL happen.

But for those union members, (often in government where no one is fired – ever) and the think tanks that support these folks, an increase in the minimum wage is good because their (union) wages are often tied to the minimum wage. So they get a raise. The taxpayers pay more, and the recent immigrant scraping by bussing tables is out of a job, but if you are an hourly unionized government employee things just got “better” for you. (The crony element of this debate.)

This is reality and it is not difficult to understand unless someone willfully tries not to understand it.