Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta calls for occupational licensing reform

This is good news. One of the ways the government deprives people of making a living is by instituting unnecessary licensing restrictions that are usually pushed by vested interests. No one should have to have a license to braid hair to to shine shoes. Brain surgery – perhaps. Lemonade stand? No.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta called Friday for federal reform of occupational licensing laws, the rules that prohibit people from working in certain fields without a government entity’s permission.

He argued that the rules often unnecessarily restrict people from entering numerous professions, which hurts the economy.

“Granted, many licenses have valid reasons, particularly when they focus on health and safety. Certifying skills and specialized knowledge helps consumers. That is far different, however, from using licensing to limit competition, bar entry, or create a privileged class. Excess licensing hinders the American workforce,” Acosta said in a speech Friday to the American Legislative Exchange Council in Denver.

Full speed ahead – we hope.

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