Policeman who saved a young boy from extreme child abuse has adopted him

A reminder that there are devoted public servants working for us in government jobs, not just selfish crony capitalists seeking to line their own pockets with government jobs or favors.

(From Yahoo News)

The eight-year-old, who weighed just over four stone at the time, had been immersed in a dustbin full of cold water.

“He did not have a spot on his body that didn’t have a bruise or abrasion. It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” Mr Thompson said.

The officers then took John, covered in a blanket, to an Oklahoma Children’s Advocacy Centre so detectives and investigators could take photos. He then drove him to hospital, where he sat by his side all night as the child recovered in the intensive care unit.

“I sat with him. And when he was admitted to the intensive care unit, I sat all night until the next day,” he said.

The following day Mr Thompson contacted the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) to request he become the child’s foster parent. Within just a few days, he had brought John into the safety of his own home.

“When I’d seen him in that house shivering and his hands tied – just soaking wet and confused – I knew at that moment the only time I would be satisfied and sure that he was safe is if he was with me,” he said.

The officer, who already had 15-year-old and 8-year-old sons, said he did not tell his family initially but that they had faith he was doing the right thing before they heard the harrowing story.

In another extraordinary twist, just two days after bringing him into the family home, he found out his wife was pregnant with their third biological son.

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