Politico ‘Fat Shames’ the President (But we learn he has a ‘single digit handicap’?!)

Trump could stand to lose a few pounds. But so can the vast majority of America.

But one thing I learned in this article is that the president has a single digit handicap! That is something Obama could only dream of achieving. Though the author makes the point that Trump likes the cart too much, that, and I say this as one who enjoys the game of golf, is impressive.

(From Politico)

But according to those who have golfed with the president, his rounds at Bedminster or Trump International shouldn’t be confused with anything resembling aerobic exercise. Trump is reported to be a very good player with a single-digit handicap—admirably low—but swinging a club about 70-80 times in five hours isn’t exactly physically taxing.

Now I get the point here but the author really reflects his lack of understanding as he hacks. If I could get out on a course and only have to swing a club “70-80” times I would be pretty damn happy for a month. As would almost any other golfer. (I am going to bet Trump swings it more than 80 times typically but I point out the writer’s lack of understanding.)

In fact now that I think about it it’s actually surprising. Golf is a thinking person’s game. It is about discipline and flow. 2 very different things in some respects but also tightly entwined. To get down to a single digit handicap is pretty remarkable.

Still, Mr. Trump, walking the course would probably be better. Start with 3 holes and go from there.

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